Normally, when we’re talking about the hair on our head, curly hair is considered attractive. It’s a favourite among the ladies as it gives the look of youth and health.

Even when it comes to beards, curly beards can sound good on paper as tend to think they’re a lot thicker and fuller compared to straight ones.

However, if you have a curly beard, soon enough you may start to wonder whether you should be straightening it. Why? Because with curly beards you’ll have a few extra headaches to contend with. You’ll also need the patience of a saint.

If you’re wondering whether you should straighten your curly beard, read on. 

Here we state the case for why you might want to start straightening your beard.

Reason #1 - You want a longer beard

It’s a fact that curly beards take a lot more time to grow out than straight beards. No matter that all beards grow approximately 1.5 cms per month, when your hair grows in loops and curls it takes a lot longer for the beard to show any real change in length.

For example, by the time a curly beard grows 30 cms long, a straight beard could be three times longer than that.

So, while a straight beard just grows downwards, a curly beard will only grow in springs. Therefore, it’ll feel like eternity to grow out your beard to the length you want it.

Reason #2 - You don’t want drama with tangles and knots

Besides needing to have the patience of a saint, those with curly beards experience far greater problems with tangles and knots.

The thicker and coarser your beard is, the more problems you will have with tangles. Knots and clumps happen when strands of wiry facial hair grows into other hair.

Not only do tangles and knots in your beard feel uncomfortable and look messy, they can make it difficult to style your beard and keep its condition in tip top shape…

Reason #3 - You want an easier time conditioning and grooming your beard

Knots and tangles create a big problem when you want to take care of your beard, from washing it, to applying beard oil, to combing it and styling it. Tangles in curly beards can make it virtually impossible to conduct even basic beard grooming.

If you’re fed up with knots, then even the most gentle beardsman is likely to cause damage to their beard when it comes time to comb and detangle. It just happens.

Reason #4 - The look and feel of your beard is important to you

As a consequence, if you’re unable to apply beard oil properly, let alone comb or brush your curly beard, your facial hair can become rough and develop split ends.

This results in a beard that looks drier than ever, knotty and raggedy. Over time your beard will deteriorate in health and appearance. You may even be tempted to shave it off completely.

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Reason #5 - You’re not a fan of food and bacteria in your beard

If you’re still wondering whether you should straighten your curly beard or not, then consider the following: Curly beards are more likely to trap food, dust and particles than straight beards.

They also transfer this bacteria, dirt, and germ from the facial hair on to your skin more easily as the hair is kept closer to your face.

As a result, you’re more likely to suffer from ingrown hairs, pimples, blackheads, acne and other skin complaints.

Reason #6 - You’re all about a kick ass beard style

So there’s a certain beard style that you’re pretty sure will look awesome on you. Maybe it’s The Verdi, The Hollywood, or even The Yeard. (Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out this post.)

If you’ve got your eye on a particular beard style that’s got an element of design about it, then chances are you need straighter beard hair.

Given that beard hair is a lot drier and more coarse than the hair on your head, when it starts to curl up, you’ll more than likely end up with a messy mass of hair that will be nearly impossible to style in the shape you want it.

The solution is to try and straighten your beard hair before cutting it into any style.

In summary: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping a curly beard, if you can manage it. It’s just that curly beards are more complicated to look after than straight ones, presenting their own complexities for grooming, style and hygiene. They also take a lot longer than usual to grow. Therefore, whether you should straighten your beard depends on your tolerance for tangles, how much you care about condition, and what style you want to go for.

Stay tuned for our follow-up guide which explains how to straighten a curly beard.

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