When we’re talking about the best beard styles, it’s a pretty subjective thing. The best beard for you may not be the best beard for me. And not all beard styles are suited all kinds of lifestyles.

When deciding on what style of beard to go for, a range of factors should be considered, such as your face shape, your hairstyle, what kind of clothes you wear, your job, and the big one - your beard-growing genetics.

There are literally hundreds of different beard styles and facial hair combos out there, but for this post we’re going to narrow it down to some of the more wearable beard styles for the urban beardsman. This is a selection of beard ideas for the man who wants to remain an individual, but doesn’t want anything too crazy either.

So if you want to know what the best beard styles are for the everyday man, read on. 

  • Top Beard Styles - Partial Beards


    What is a partial beard? A partial beard is a beard style that doesn’t take over the whole face. You may prefer a partial beard over a full beard due to your personal preferences, your genetics, or both.


    For that reason, partial beard styles are the answer for men who’s genetics may prevent them from growing a full beard. Partial beards are also the way to go if you want to pull off a more unusual beard style.


    There are plenty of partial beard styles out there, limited only by your genetics and your imagination.


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    Here are the best partial beard styles:


    The Goatee: Definitely the most common partial beard, the goatee was pretty popular in the 90’s and hasn’t died yet. In this style, the facial hair grows down from the edges of the mouth down to the chin. The goatee can be short and subtle, or you can let it become a feature. There’s plenty of room to move with a goatee as small styling changes will have a big impact.


    Sideburns: Don’t shoot the messenger - we weren’t going to include sideburns, but they remain so popular that we pretty much had to. Everyone knows what a sideburn looks like, it’s facial hair that runs down the side of the jaw. Corporate types tend to keep the burns short (not longer than the ear lobe) whereas blue collar guys favour the full chop.


    The Circle Beard: The unofficial trademark of beardsmen employed in the I.T sector, the circle beard is composed of a goatee and a moustache. This is one of the most versatile beard styles that doesn’t tend to offend.


    The Hollywood Beard: Starting around the bottom of the earlobes, the Hollywood is a beard along the jaw combined with a moustache. Some would say a more woman-friendly choice, this beard style is devoid of sideburns. It’s full enough to look manly without upsetting anyone.


    The Amish Beard: Ever wondered why moustaches get a bad rap? According to Amish people, this particular style of facial hair was the hallmark of violent, aggressive people (and wearing one was therefore against their religion). So you guessed it - the Amish beard style is a beard without a moustache. This can be a long, full beard of any length.


    The Van Dyke: Perfect for blokes who love to stroke their beard when they want to look like an expert in something, the Van Dyke beard is a pointed beard that grows straight off the chin. Suitable with or without a moustache, most people find the moustache looks best with the Van Dyke beard style.

    Top Beard Styles (Full Beards)

    As the name implies, full beard styles have the most coverage over the face, and they are generally longer. It’s the most popular style of beard even though it takes more time and dedication to achieve. There’s plenty of ways to make a full beard your own.

    If you’re growing a full beard, then you’ll want to get yourself some beard balm.

    Here are the best full beard styles:

    The Scruff: An all-over growth - a stubble if you will, that just about any man can pull off. The scruff kicks in after about 2-4 days and is always kept short. The stubble beard gives any guy a bit of an edge, and they’re accepted in all settings. For a corporate look, keep the cheek and neckline clean, and don’t let it grow too long.

    The Corporate Beard: This is a beard style that you can achieve anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months. A high-maintenance beard choice, the corporate beard will need trimming in all areas to stay neat and tidy. As far as full beard styles go, the corporate beard is great for guys who like to show they can grow a full beard, without going all the way.

    The Verdi: This beard style is possibly for the more creative beardsmen amongst us. It features a full beard that grows just past the chin and jawline, in combination with a neatly trimmed and styled moustache. Already requiring a reasonable amount of upkeep, the verdi calls for a clean neckline as well.

    The Natural Beard: Beard styles come and go, but the natural beard will never be out of fashion. Let nature take its course, and let your beard grow freely with only minor shaping and trimming along the way. Genetics will play the main role in the look of the natural beard, so be prepared to ditch it or embrace it accordingly.

    The Yeard: A beard + a year = the yeard. If you don’t care about trends, and you’ve got the right genetics, then why not give the yeard a crack. This beard style needs one year of uninterrupted growth, with only limited trimming of split ends and flyaways permitted.

    The Tweard: The evolution of the yeard, is of course, the tweard. Two years of uninterrupted growth, with only minor tweaking permissible. Expect to see a very full beard that may start to grow wider rather than longer.

    The Terminal Beard: The lucky dip of beards, the terminal beard is your MAX beard. It’s the longest your beard can naturally grow. How long it takes to reach the terminal stage is anybody’s guess. Naturally, no two terminal beards are alike. It goes without saying that this beard style requires dedication and an undying love of beards from you and those around you.

    When looking for beard styles, just remember that it isn’t a one size fits all thing. Take a look at your beard, and enhance its best elements. And to help your beard look and grow better, don’t forget that regular maintenance and grooming is key. To read more on how to take care of your beard, check out this post.