It’s only natural to want the best-looking beard, and in most people’s eyes that means a beard that’s thick, healthy and well-groomed.

But not all beards are created equal. Some guys get a patchy beard, others are blessed with the kinds of beards you see in the movies, and others can’t grow one at all.

If you think your beard is patchy, there’s ways to make your beard look fuller without resorting to anything drastic.

Keep reading for our top 6 tips on how to make your beard look fuller. 

Tip #1 - Enhance the best parts: Take a good hard look at your beard and decide what works and what doesn’t. A lot of how to make your beard look fuller comes down to enhancing the best parts and choosing a beard style that accommodates what nature gave you.

For example, if you can’t commit to letting your beard grow out enough to cover any patchy areas, then look for a shorter style that gives the illusion of fullness all the way through.

For our guide on the best beard styles, check this out.

Tip #2 - Use Beard Balm: One of the simplest and fastest ways to make your beard look fuller is to apply Beard Balm daily.

Being of a waxy consistency, beard balm is great for adding texture to your beard hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. Beard balm lets you shape and style your beard in a way to enhance the look of fullness.

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Tip #3 - Blow it out: Now it’s time to take a lesson from the ladies, but hear us out. Blow drying your beard after washing is guaranteed to give you the look of a fuller beard in 10 seconds flat.

Simply towel dry your beard to remove excess water, and blowdry your beard on medium temperature. Be sure to blowdry into the beard - that is upwards, rather than downwards to fluff it out and make it look thicker. Trust us, this works.

Tip #4 - Make sure your beard is in GREAT condition: Another fundamental step to getting a beard that looks fuller is to have a beard that is healthy.

Regular maintenance by way of washing, conditioning and applying beard oil is essential to getting a beard that doesn’t snap off or die from split ends. Trimming and cutting is also key to general health, thickness and the look of fullness.

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Tip #5 - Dye your beard hair: For some people, dyeing their hair gives the appearance of a fuller beard. For example, if your beard hair is a light colour or mixed, then darkening the colour may make it look more filled in.

Just remember that the dyes used for hair on the head aren't the same as the ones meant for your beard.

Tip #6 - Give it time: For anyone with a patchy or thin beard, the bottom line factor to improve it, is time.  Give anything enough time and you’ll see dramatic changes, and your beard is no different.  

Over time your beard will grow longer and it’ll eventually thicken up. The longer hair will fill in patchy parts. Don’t be put off by seeing guys with seemingly “full” beards and think they’re born that way. In actual fact, many guys just have grown-out patchy beards. FACT.

Luckily, if you’re wondering how to make your beard look fuller then there’s at least a few things you can do that give fast results. For anything else, a fuller beard comes with time and good grooming.

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