Long Wooden Beard Comb

Size: length 170 mm
AUD $31.00
60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Large Wooden Beard Comb was specifically designed with dual teeth sizes to immediately remove tangles and knots from your beard. After use, your beard will feel pristine and look visibly bolder. Crafted from the finest timber.

  1. Start with the wider teeth and comb your beard in a downwards motion, starting from the top of your jaw line (near ear) and working all the way down past your chin, to the end of your beard. When you smash into a knot, gently comb through the knot, without accidentally tearing out your beard hair.
  2. Continue with the wider teeth, this time starting at underside of your beard. Begin combing outwards from your neck towards your jaw. Continue combing outwards until you have carefully removed all the knots.
  3. Repeat the above process with the smaller side of the beard comb.
  4. With your mustache comb outwards from the middle, pulling your mustache off your lip and towards your cheeks/ears
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