Beard Comb

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Why Should You Do This?

Combing your beard helps stop ingrown hairs, it removes bits and pieces that have gotten trapped in it such as food, and it puts it into the shape you want it.

How often: Daily.

How much: Just comb it through (follow the instructions below) but don’t overdo it. 

How to use it: First, comb the beard from the bottom, coming upwards and outward. You’ll probably start at the neck and then reach in the direction of the cheeks and chin. If you run into any knots, just work through them. Once your whole beard has been brushed upwards, then you can start combing downwards.

FYI: Don’t bother using a comb that’s not designed especially for beards. Normal plastic combs will rip and shred your hair, which creates breakage and thin sections. Nobody wants that.