Without boring you to death with all the nitty-gritty product specifics and science behind each product.


The best way to explain it is simply by understanding when to use each product and for what purpose.


Beard Hydrate


The Beard Hydrate - is your leave-in conditioner for your beard. 

Beard Hydrate Consistency

It will make your beard softer, fuller and keep your beard hair moist and healthy.


We recommend using the Beard Hydrate daily after applying Beard Oil, either in the morning or at night.


Drew will especially find himself using this product if his beard is dry, coarse and in need of some attention.


For absolute best results, use a generous amount in the evening before bed after washing and conditioning your beard.


Then take our Wild Boar Brush and brush the product through your beard hair.


Super Balm


The Super Balm - was designed with two things in mind - styling performance and optimal beard health. Our Super Balm will lock your beard in place.

Super Balm Consistency

A proprietary blend of butters and wax, our Super Balm is a lightweight styling solution that won't weigh your beard down.


After testing a lot of other Beard Balms on the market, we found they left Drew's beard feeling very dry and beaten up the next day.


Our Super Balm is a unique product as it's very workable in the hands in all climates, and easy to apply, yet still has a considerable amount of hold.


We recommend using the Super Balm after applying Beard Oil when you are heading out or need your beard to behave for the day.


Drew finds himself using this product if he needs his beard to look well kept and tidy for the day. Say a meeting, coffee or going out for drinks. 


Try them for yourself and feel the difference The Beard Nod range makes in your overall Beard health and Beard style.


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