“What is beard oil?” is one of the first questions any new beard-grower asks. Whether you've been sporting a beard for a while, or are just thinking about growing one, you've probably heard of beard oil. But what is it? Do you need it? And what, exactly, does beard oil do anyway?  

We already know that everyone loves a well-groomed beard, so read on to learn what beard oil is, and why it needs to be included in your beard grooming routine.


Beard oil is a mixture of ingredients (you guessed it - a mixture of oils) that nourish the skin on the face, and improve the condition of the beard hair itself.

In terms of ingredients, beard oil is usually made with Jojoba oil (known for its great softening properties), and coconut oil, which has a huge range of benefits to skin and hair that goes beyond the beachy smell.

Also found in beard oils are various essential oils such as Lavender and Cedarwood which bring many of their own benefits to the table.

But if smelling like a beach or a lavender farm isn’t your thing, and if you prefer to bathe in your own natural aroma, there are plenty of unscented beard oils out there to choose from.


There are two main uses of beard oil, but the main one might surprise you. For sure, beard oil is used to smooth and condition the beard hair, but its real use relates to what goes on underneath the beard, on the skin.

Beard oil is for nourishing the skin, reducing itch, and preventing beardruff (yes, it’s a thing).

It's not just to make you smell nice - beard oil has two main jobs.

One of the reasons that beard oil is so important is because it moisturises your skin. When growing a beard, the skin underneath it can become dry and itchy. It’s this itching problem that has caused many a young beard to die early. (Don’t let your beard become a statistic.)

The dryness is caused by your beard using the oil from your skin to grow. Beard oil replenishes this, particularly oils which contain argan or jojoba.

So if you use beard oil every day, your dry and itchy skin becomes a thing of the past. You’ll be giving yourself the best shot to letting your beard grow to its fullest potential.

Beard oil is for taming and conditioning the hair.

Unlike your other hair, beard hair has a tendency to go in whatever direction it wants to, even after its been combed. This is because it’s more coarse and more wiry that the hair on your head.

Beard oil smooths and detangles, making your beard sit in the position you want it to. Due to its conditioning properties, it also helps to soften the hair over time, making you more attractive (trust us on this one).


Beard oil is simple to use. The number one rule is that a little goes a long way.

Step 1 - After a shower, or as part of your morning routine, put a few drops of oil onto your palm and rub your hands together so they are lightly covered.

Step 2 - Comb your fingers through your beard from root to tip then use your palms to smooth the hair down. Try and cover your whole beard.

Step 3 - Make sure you rub the oil right into the skin – this will prevent that annoying beard itch.

Step 4 - Use a comb to make sure the oil is distributed evenly and to smooth down the unruly hairs.



Is that even a real question? We’re pretty sure you want a bigger beard, and quality beard oil can help you get one.

How? As we mentioned, beard oil replenishes the oil in your skin that is used up when it grows. So using beard oil regularly can make your beard grow faster and fuller.

Beard oil can also help if your beard growth has stalled, or you want your beard to be thicker to cover up some patchy parts. It will give your beard all of the vitamins and other essentials it needs to be full and thick.

So - if you’ve been wondering what is beard oil?, we hope we’ve answered your question. If you want to get rid of itching and dryness, tame your unruly beard, or want to encourage new growth, then get yourself some beard oil, pronto. With use every day, beard oil can reduce the feelings that might make you want to shave.


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