One of the lesser known tools in the beardsman’s arsenal is beard balm. Boasting a whole range of benefits designed to make your beard even more awesome, beard balm is often overlooked in favour of its more famous brother, beard oil.

But forgetting about beard balm would be selling your beard short. If you’re wondering what is beard balm?’, and you’re not sure if you should be using it, we’re going to explain.

Keep reading to find out exactly what beard balm is, and why it’s an important step in your daily beard routine 

First Up - What are the benefits of beard balm? 

Beard balm is the number one product you need for looking after the beard hair itself. Made with a selection of oils, butters and wax, beard balm is designed to condition and nourish the beard hair.

Daily conditioning will soften the hair and make it easier to style.

Because of beard balm’s more waxy consistency, it sits on the hair before gradually soaking in. It leaves a more matt finish to the hair, rather than the slight shine you get with beard oil.

Beard balm has a light to medium hold that doesn’t dry out or go crunchy, and it helps to style the shape of your beard for approximately the duration of a day.

Another great benefit of beard balm is it gives your beard more texture. This makes the product particularly useful for anyone that has a patchy beard, or anyone who wants to make the beard look fuller. That’s pretty much all of us.

In summary, beard balm does these things:

  • Conditions the beard hair and skin underneath
  • Provides styling and control
  • Creates texture and adds to the look of fullness of the beard
  • Can be used to style and tame your moustache

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If you’re reading this, then we assume you want to have a kick-arse beard. In that case, the answer is YES.

Anyone with a beard that’s approximately 3 weeks long and onwards, should be adding beard balm into their daily routine.

Not sure how you should be looking after your beard? Check out this post.

While you might be able to get away with just using beard oil for a while, once your beard gets to a certain length, then beard balm is more or less a non-negotiable.

Why? Because as your beard grows longer, it’s more important to keep it looking neat and styled. This is especially true if you rock a corporate beard or just want to keep yourself looking clean and tidy.

And from a beard health and conditioning point of view, then using a beard balm makes a lot of sense. It does all the heavy lifting while you go about your day which other products can’t do.

What are the ingredients in Beard Balm?

Quality beard balms such as ours will only use natural ingredients. Our beard balm contains the following which are all proven to improve the condition of your beard while leaving a nice smell:

Shea Butter

Coconut Oil


Tea Tree Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

How to apply beard balm?

Step One.

Beard balm is best used when your beard is dry. Take a little of the balm onto your fingers and place on your palm. Rub your hands together until it has melted and covers them evenly.

Step Two.

Work it through the entirety of your beard. Work in an upwards motion first, before smoothing your beard down again.

Step Three.

Comb through your beard, making sure it is all in the direction that it needs to be.

So folks, if you care about your beard, and you’re 3 weeks or longer, get yourself some beard balm. Made with top notch ingredients, beard balm will make your beard look better, feel better, and grow stronger.