It goes without saying that the last thing any of us want to do is spend more time than we need in the bathroom. For most men, washing their beard is just another 5 minutes that goes down the drain (literally).

We’d all prefer to be spending that 5 minutes doing something else, but if you’ve decided to grow a beard, then adding a few more minutes to your routine comes as standard.

That’s because a beard's success depends on preparation.
If you’re tempted to cut corners or skip steps altogether, just remember that a beard requires patience, discipline, and proper upkeep to keep it looking healthy and respectable.

Washing your beard shouldn’t just be reduced to using a bit of hair shampoo one day, and some body wash on the other. Factoring in the time and effort it takes to grow a beard in the first place, it simply deserves better.

So if you’ve been a bit lazy with the beard washing, or you’re just not sure how to do it, read on.

Here we explain why washing your beard is essential, and how to wash a beard properly.


Answer: Maintaining your beard in top condition is key to achieving a thick and full appearance, and it affects the way it feels on your face.

Proper care of maintenance (with the right products) is an essential step to conditioning the facial hair and the skin underneath which can prevent things like itching and beardruff.

In the same way that you wouldn’t think of not washing your body or your face, a solid washing of your beard also gets rid of any nasties such as dead skin, food, dust and other particles.

So in other words, if you’re still wondering whether you need to wash your beard or not, think about the comfort, the condition and the hygiene.


Answer: As we said above, washing your beard with the same products you use for your body or face or hair is not a good idea. Just ask those guys with itchy, wispy beards how they wash their beards (if they do at all), and chances are they’re the ones cutting corners and using plain old soap.

Bad move.

It’s really important that when you wash your beard you use specialist beard washing products. 

Why? Regular shampoo which is designed for the hair on your head will tend to dry the beard hair out as they are made to kill oily build up quickly.

Washing your beard with a gentler product such as our specialist beard shampoo won’t strip your beard hair of natural oils, and it will keep your beard feeling softer and thicker.

Then, using a beard conditioner after washing your beard will help prime the follicles and hair over time, making them less prone to tangling and snapping.
Beard shampoo and beard conditioner are what you need. 

Our top quality products are designed to suit this exact type of facial hair without drying it out or leaving it oily.

Steps for how to wash your beard:

Step 1 - Wet your beard with warm water so it’s soaked through. Avoid water that’s too hot as it can dry out your skin and hair.
Drop a small amount of Beard Shampoo into your hand then massage gently through your beard.
Wash it out thoroughly with water.

Step 2 - Gently squeeze out any excess water from your beard and pour a small amount of Beard Conditioner into your hands.

Apply to your beard and let it sink in for a couple of minutes while you wash other areas.

Rinse again thoroughly with water.

Step 3 - Out of the shower, gently use a beard comb to comb through your beard to get rid of any knots. (There’s an art to beard combing, check out our post here.)

Step 4 - Drop a few drops of Beard Oil into the palm of your hand and spread over the hands. Rub your hands through the beard hair and down onto the skin.  

Need Beard Oil? Ours is well-rated. Check ours out here.

Step 5 - Comb through your beard again if needed, and let dry.

Later you can apply beard balm to your beard to add an extra layer of conditioning and help style your beard into shape.  


Answer: 2-3 times a week works for most people. Any more frequently than this and you run the risk of stripping the hair and your skin of the natural oils which are needed to keep it looking thick and healthy.

In summary: If you’re serious about the look and feel of your beard, and you’re tempted to cut corners on washing it - think again. The best looking beards come with the responsibility of a couple of extra steps in the bathroom that pay off handsomely.

Washing your beard is only recommended with the use of speciality beard care products such as our Beard Shampoo and Beard Conditioner.

To find out more about how to get the best looking beard, check out our blog.