As if the beardsman doesn’t have enough to contend with, when trying to grow out a luscious, thick mane. First there’s the itching, then the frustrating patchiness that comes with early growth, and then there’s other issues like beard dandruff.

Beard dandruff we hear you say? Yes, beard dandruff is a thing, and it’s super common. Beard dandruff affects anyone with a beard at least once in their lives, but the solution is simple.

If you’re suffering from beard dandruff, then you’ll want to nip this in the bud before it takes hold. The best time to tackle beard dandruff is the moment you notice dead skin flakes on your face.

Here we explain how to get rid of beard dandruff (and what beard dandruff is.)

#1 - What is beard dandruff? 

Beard dandruff are those flaky pieces of dead skin that come off your face and into your beard. They are not only unattractive to look at, but they can become chronic if you’re not careful.


What causes beard dandruff is the combination of using the wrong products to wash your beard, a buildup of yeast that lives in your skin, stress, and cold weather.


Why beard dandruff is a thing (ie, why it doesn’t happen to non-bearded faces), is because the yeast thrives in darkness. So when you allow your facial hair to grow, it reduces the sunlight that hits the skin. Therefore the yeast is allowed to go wild.


So - How to get rid of beard dandruff? 


Follow the tips below if you want to get rid of beard dandruff for good:

DO NOT wash your beard with regular shampoo or hand soap.

Shampoo and soaps designed for the rest of the body are way too harsh for the skin on your face. They will cause over-drying of the skin, and for the oils to be stripped away from your beard and your face.


  • INSTEAD - Use a specialty Beard Shampoo + Beard Conditioner combo.

Beard shampoos are specifically designed to gently wash your beard hair without stripping the follicles of oils, and without destroying the skin underneath.


Beard shampoo will also help reduce itchiness in the early stages of growing a beard, and it’ll reduce the redness of the skin underneath.


Beard conditioner gently moisturises the facial hair so that it stays soft, less brittle, less itchy and less prone to breakage.


What to look for when buying a beard shampoo?


When buying beard shampoo, look for high-end products that are made with all natural ingredients. Avoid shampoos that list chemicals, fillers, and gums in their ingredients list. These nasties will block your skin’s pores and worst of all, can slow down beard growth.


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  • DO NOT use anti-dandruff shampoo
  • As above, washing your beard with dandruff shampoo won’t work either. These over the counter anti-dandruff shampoos can make matters worse by irritating the skin on your face which is a lot more sensitive than than the skin on your head.


  • DO use Beard Oil
  • Contrary to popular belief, beard oil is designed for the skin underneath your beard as much as it’s useful for the beard hair itself. Massaging beard oil into your skin after every shower will go a hell of a long way to reducing dryness, flakiness, itching and discomfort.


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  • DON’T Stress
  • Easier said than done, but stressing won’t help your beard dandruff go away - in fact, it’ll exacerbate it. Stress in our lives plays out in all sorts of ways, and it can hinder everything from how fast your beard grows, to general beard health, and underlying skin issues. So decompress, and chill out if you can, your beard will thank you for it.


    In summary: If you’re suffering from beard dandruff, don’t panic. Just switch to using an all-natural,  specially designed beard shampoo and beard conditioner combo ASAP. These products are softer and more gentle on the skin, and they will give you a much more healthy beard in no time at all. And never forget your daily dose of Beard Oil.