Noticing empty patches and bald spots in your beard can be one of the most frustrating and annoying feelings for any man. But they’re particularly demoralising when you’re trying your darndest to grow a kick arse beard that people notice.

Even otherwise thick and healthy beards can be compromised by a pesky bald spot. There’s simply no type of beard style that’s immune from being ruined by unwanted thin sections where the hair just refuses to grow.


If you’ve got blanks in your beard, keep reading. Here you’ll get abreast of what you can do to fix that patchy beard for good.


How to fix a patchy beard - 4 tips you need to know


FACT - The biggest thing you can do to fix a patchy beard is get into a healthier lifestyle.


Patchy areas and balding is one of the ways your body is telling you that maybe you aren’t as much of a temple of health as you could be. The answer basically, is to exercise more and improve your diet.


Improving your overall health is important for beard growth as it’s the best way to boost testosterone and increase blood circulation. More testosterone is key to hair growth all over your body, and it’ll mean a thicker healthier beard.


In terms of vitamins and minerals, to help your beard overcome any patchy areas you need to boost the following:


  • Protein - No protein, no beard. Without protein your body can’t make your beard at all.

Eat fish, lean meats, chicken, and eggs.

  • Vitamin A and Beta Carotene - Good for repairing skin and encouraging better hair growth.

Eat egg yolks, carrots, kale, and spinach.

  • Vitamins C & E - These make sebum, a natural oil that moisturises hair to help grow a better beard.

Eat spinach, sunflower seeds, and citrus fruits.

  • Vitamins B6, B12, and Biotin - Important for new hair growth and prevents hair loss from stress.

Eat fish, eggs, chicken, and beans.

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids - Boosts overall hair growth and stops hair becoming dry and brittle.

Eat walnuts, flaxseed oil, and fatty fish (like salmon).


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And to fix a patchy beard you should also… 


#1 - Give it more time

Don’t jump the gun. Give your beard the benefit of the doubt, and give it some time to grow out. Not all hair grows at the same speed, so any patchy areas may fill in naturally as time passes.


So - the first thing to do to fix a patchy beard is let your beard grow freely. Just give your beard the opportunity to flourish, and resist the urge to pick up the razor the moment you notice any patchy areas.


We recommend letting your beard grow uninhibited for no less than 4 weeks. During this time you’ll be letting your hair do what it needs to do, and then you can assess accordingly.



#2 - Get a styling strategy


It’s possible that styling your beard a certain way will let you cover up any patchy areas and no one will know the difference.


If you have a short beard, then the stubble style is a good one for disguising any empty spots. Or, if your patchy areas are not totally bald, just shorter, then you can even out the rest of the beard hair to the same length so all is looking uniform.


If you’ve waited the minimum 4 weeks, then from here you can tidy things up and look for ways to style the beard for best advantage. Always pay close attention to your jawline and neckline, and visit a professional barber if you’re not sure.


If it comes time to trim your overall length, make sure you buy a quality beard trimmer to do the job properly.


More info? Check out How To Style and Maintain Your Beard For Max Growth



#3 - Top up on supplements


Taking a supplement can be a useful way to fix a patchy beard when you are struggling to get enough vitamins in your diet normally. Men’s multivitamins, or a specific facial hair supplements are worth exploring.

In summary: If you’ve got a patchy beard, don’t panic. Patchy today doesn’t mean patchy forever. If you want to fix your patchy beard there are things you can do to improve its appearance.

Whether it’s dialling up your fitness and cutting back on junk food, learning ways to style your beard, or taking a supplement, things can be done.

Remain patient, and the beard you want will be yours.

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