Because if there’s one thing from adolescence we wished we could bring into later life, it’s softer facial hair.

In an ideal world, our beards would have the substance of a lion with the tameness of a pussy cat. We’re talking a beard that says what it needs to, without the tendency to carve up the face of anyone who comes near it.

Sadly, thanks to age, diet, the environment and our grooming habits, getting a nice soft beard doesn’t seem to come naturally.

If you’re looking for ways to soften your beard, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s look at the main reasons why your beard isn’t soft, and what you can do to fix it:

Probable reason #1 - Your beard has a lot of split ends

Did you know that whenever you cut or shave your beard you’re really just creating thousands of tiny little razor blades on the end of each strand of hair?

It’s a fact that freshly cut beard hair is much more sharp and abrasive than the other uncut hair. This is especially true if you’re cutting your beard the wrong way, or with blades that aren’t sharp enough. These pointy little ends have a knack for pointing themselves back into the skin on your face, and splitting. It’s having thousands of split ends attached to your face that creates a wiry, sharp and spiky feeling.

SOLUTION - To avoid split ends in your beard you can try cutting your beard less often, using very sharp blades, and making sure you are shaving and cutting with correct technique.

Probable reason #2 - Your beard is too dry

Like the hair on your head, or the skin on your body, if it’s dry it doesn’t take long to start feeling scratchy and uncomfortable. To keep your beard feeling softer, you need to keep your insides, plus the beard itself, hydrated.


SOLUTION - To avoid dehydrated hair and body, simply drink more water throughout the day, and add back moisture to the hair by applying beard conditioning products such as Beard Oil and Beard Balm.


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Probable reason #3 - Your beard isn’t groomed and maintained properly


With so much exposure to hot and cold weather, your diet, pollution, not to mention general wear and tear, your beard needs a certain amount of TLC to look and feel its best.


SOLUTION - Basic grooming steps such as washing + conditioning with proper beard products, applying beard oil, and combing are essential if you want to get a softer beard.


Probable Reason #4 - Your diet is sh*thouse


No, you don’t need to live like a monk just to have an awesome beard. But you do need to make sure you’re eating enough of the right stuff and limiting the nasties. There are all kinds of foods that will help you grow your beard faster, and help it become much more healthy and soft.


SOLUTION - In general, foods containing omega-3 fatty acids will help your hair all over become softer. So make a point of eating food such as salmon, avocado, walnuts or soybeans.


How To Make My Beard Softer - Extra Tips & Advice


  • Dry your beard off properly before heading out into cold weather. Harsh environmental elements will make your beard dry and crunchy in a jiffy.


  • Avoid aftershave that contains alcohol. Alcohol applied to a freshly shaved beard will strip the hairs of oils and your beard hair will get very coarse.


  • Ensure that your tools are up to the job. Make sure your beard trimmer, razor, or scissors are well-maintained and sharp. Otherwise they can drag through and damage the strands of your beard. Sharp blades slice the hair, blunt blades butcher it.  


  • Use a specialty beard comb. AVOID using any comb that’s made of plastic. Plastic combs can rip and shred the beard hair which creates wiry, sharp strands.


  • Use specialty beard shampoo and conditioner. These products are designed to wash away dirt and grime without stripping your skin and facial hair of natural oils. Over time, regular use of these products will help you get a softer beard.


  • Use Beard Oil daily. Nothing will help soften your beard hair quite like a good quality beard oil will. Invest in a beard oil that’s filled with nourishing natural ingredients.


  • Use Beard Balm daily. Similarly to beard oil, beard balm is an essential component for softening even the scratchiest beard hair. Designed to moisturise the strands throughout the day, beard balm is also ideal for styling.


For more advice on growing your beard and how to style it, check out our advice section.