It's difficult to argue a solid beard gives you an aerodynamic advantage when competing in professional sport to earn a living.

Yet, what an athlete loses in speed, he gains in power and prowess on the field of battle.

By becoming a more authoritative and dominant force over his bare-faced counterparts.

In this short article, we have chosen our top 10 Beards in Australian sport.

1. Mile Jedinak - Football

Mile Jedinak Beard

2. Aaron Woods - Rugby League 

Aaron Woods Beard

3. Marika Koroibete - Rugby Union 

Marika Koroibete Beard

4. Max Gawn - Australian Football

Max Gawn Beard

5. Damon Kelly - Weightlifting 

Damon Kelly Beard

6. Aaron Baynes - Basketball

Aaron Baynes

7. Daniel Repacholi - Shooting 

Daneil Repacholi Beard

8. Simon Whitlock - Darts 

Simon Whitlock Beard

9. Damien Birkenhead - Shot put 

Damien Birkenhead Beard

10. Sean Eadie - Cycling 

Sean Eadie Beard

What great Australian's are we missing from this article?

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